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What's The Point? - Discover Your Purpose

Apr 6, 2023

How does a girl born in a small Texas town go to university on a full drama scholarship yet becomes a general contractor building houses and ultimately become the CEO of Faith Based Counselor Training Institute? Great question.

Listen as Holly Haynes shares her story of how following her passion and purpose throughout her life led her to the ideal position - both professionally and personally.


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Quick Episode Summary: 

  • Welcome and introduction to Holly Haynes of Faith Based Counselor Training Institute 

  • How does a girl from Paris, Texas become a general contractor?

  • What was the learning curve like for a female in a predominantly male industry?

  • Some major life shifts and new locations such as Colorado and Belize

  • The 5 P’s of purpose according to Holly

  • How Holly’s journey took her from contracting to running her father’s institute

  • How Holly’s answer to - What’s the point?