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What's The Point? - Discover Your Purpose

Apr 7, 2021

Why in the world would someone wear a nametag 24/7? Scott Ginsberg - that's who. A nametag? Every day? Absolutely! What started as an experiment in approachability in college, has evolved into a lifestyle, a career, and a new world record each day.

Now known as 'Nametag' Scott Ginsberg, he is a prolific content creator - books, songs, music, speeches, inventions, and more. He's understood from an early age that developing and expressing all of his creativity was essential to his purpose in life.

Many of us find reasons not to pursue our creative ideas, much less express them. Listen to Scott as we discuss the power of being approachable, creative, expressive, and uninhibited by the fears that we all face.


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Phone: +1 (314) 374-3397


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  • Meet Scott
  • The story behind Get Prolific
  • Creating content you are proud of
  • Advice for practical problem solving
  • When Scott moved across the country
  • Why Scott wears a nametag everywhere he goes
  • Finding new ways to be approachable
  • The irony of Steal Scott's Ideas
  • How Prospect Park jump-started Scott's music
  • Pursuing your purpose even in the midst of chaos
  • Live performance: Just happy to be here
  • Scott's answer to - What’s the point?